Fifa-world-cup-russia-2018FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

League : Pharaoh Mo Invades Moscow 2018

Competition: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Comment: $10 to join! Venmo me @mcsink
Creator: EGY Matt "Xabi Alonso"
Tipsters number: 13
Private: yes
CA$H - 2nd place gets their money back, winner gets the rest!

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Overall Ranking
Rank Name Favourite Winner Points
Same  1 USA Virgil  Belgium  France 176 pt
Same  2 TWN bhsdrillteam  Mexico  Germany 130 pt
Same  3 ESP Gui  Spain  Spain 113 pt
Up  4 USA YoungTom420  Brazil  France 107 pt
Down  5 EGY Matt "Xabi Alonso"  Egypt  Germany 104 pt
Up  6 USA Randizzle  France  France 100 pt
Up  7 HRV Ricardo Bacardo  Croatia  Germany 97 pt
Down  8 USA Bonsbins  Belgium  Belgium 93 pt
Down  9 USA Jay  England  England 81 pt
Down  10 USA John Hamilton  Brazil  Brazil 76 pt
Up  11 USA Charlie Mini  Brazil  Brazil 72 pt
Down  12 VAT Arsene Died For Us  Peru  Brazil 62 pt
Same  13 MEX A.K.A. Pablito  Argentina  Argentina 51 pt
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