Fifa-world-cup-russia-2018FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

League : Mundial Recoletos

Competition: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Comment: Madrid Only!
Creator: ENG James
Tipsters number: 17
Private: yes
1st - €40 2nd - €20 3rd - €10


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Overall Ranking
Rank Name Favourite Winner Points
Up  1 FRA Allezles bleus!  France  Brazil 112 pt
Up  2 FRA Renolimpico  France  France 107 pt
Down  3 ESP BeaSSI  Spain  Croatia 106 pt
Up  4 ENG James  Egypt  Brazil 95 pt
Down  5 DEU Blutgrätsche  Germany  Germany 92 pt
Down  6 ESP Richard  England  Brazil 89 pt
Down  7 ITA Petro  Iceland  Argentina 85 pt
Down  8 ESP Sarito  Spain - 84 pt
Down  9 ITA Andreita  Mexico - 82 pt
Down  10 ESP AGe  Argentina  Germany 81 pt
Down  11 ESP Leondinho  Brazil  Brazil 75 pt
Same  12 ESP Samy  Spain  Spain 56 pt
Same  13 ESP Dan  Spain  Brazil 54 pt
Same  14 ESP Totti  Argentina  Brazil 50 pt
Same  15 FRA Reno - - 0 pt
Same  15 DEU bolzplatz2000 - - 0 pt
Same  15 ESP Henk  Spain - 0 pt
Name Message
FRA Renolimpico
Allez les Bleus!!!! Congrats Emilie!
ITA Andreita
Richard maricon
ENG James
My Predictions As far a game did not start it is still possible to update the score ! Update Final Phase Teams RULE UPDATE ! After the groups phase is over all the teams predicted in the round of 16 will be overwritten by the real teams. You will be able to make the Final Phase Predictions after the group phase finished. Profile Your scores predictions are now invisible for the others !

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