Fifa-world-cup-russia-2018FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

League : Donkey Lashers

Competition: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Comment: Join and win a fortnight holiday camping on Blackpool Beach
Creator: GBR Notachanceinhell
Tipsters number: 22
Private: yes
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Overall Ranking
Rank Name Favourite Winner Points
Up  1 GBR Chip Barm  Brazil  France 179 pt
Down  2 ENG Whitley Bay  England  Spain 167 pt
Up  3 ENG Globetrotters  England  France 133 pt
Down  4 ENG Mayhem  Uruguay  Germany 124 pt
Down  5 ENG Joe  England  Argentina 122 pt
Same  6 GBR SV1  England  Brazil 111 pt
Down  7 GBR Notachanceinhell  Iceland  Brazil 107 pt
Up  8 GBR Boatsy7  England  Brazil 101 pt
Down  9 ENG Rob255  Germany  Germany 100 pt
Down  10 GBR Big Hair1  Germany  Germany 96 pt
Up  10 GBR Sir Ken Dalg7  England  France 96 pt
Up  12 GBR Tongeyy  Croatia  Germany 94 pt
Down  13 ENG Joe90davis  England  Germany 93 pt
Down  14 GBR Kinkin  England  Brazil 92 pt
Down  15 GBR Seaside Fotrune Teller  France  Spain 89 pt
Down  16 ENG Maxipool  England  Uruguay 80 pt
Same  17 GBR CUFCBLUE  Brazil  Brazil 73 pt
Down  18 GBR The Nobb Enders  Germany  Argentina 72 pt
Same  19 ENG Fandango  England  Brazil 60 pt
Same  20 GBR Rachael2508  England  Germany 59 pt
Same  21 ENG Sutty80  Germany  Germany 58 pt
Same  22 GBR tomjep  Panama  Spain 45 pt
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