Fifa-world-cup-russia-2018FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

League : Cara Premium Pils

Competition: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Comment: Belgium wins
Creator: BEL Cas92
Tipsters number: 18
Private: yes

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Overall Ranking
Rank Name Favourite Winner Points
Same  1 BEL Jorrevis  Belgium  France 175 pt
Same  2 BEL Ricky Balboa  Belgium  France 158 pt
Up  3 CIV Zwijntje Wilmots  Belgium  France 127 pt
Down  4 BEL Kamikke  Belgium  Belgium 114 pt
Up  5 BEL Koning Albert II  Belgium  France 109 pt
Down  6 BEL Bibus  Belgium  Belgium 107 pt
Up  7 BEL Jan De Grote  Brazil  Brazil 103 pt
Down  8 BEL Cas92  Belgium  Belgium 101 pt
Down  9 BEL Winxclub  Belgium  Belgium 100 pt
Down  10 BEL VDF  Belgium  Argentina 98 pt
Down  11 BEL TimVH2  Belgium  Belgium 95 pt
Down  12 BEL Krikke  Belgium  Brazil 84 pt
Down  13 NLD RogerFederer-Tennis>>>>Voetbal  Germany  Germany 80 pt
Same  14 BEL Bin  Belgium  Spain 75 pt
Same  15 BEL Didid  Belgium  Belgium 70 pt
Same  16 BEL DK41  Belgium  Germany 64 pt
Same  17 BEL Saaaans  Belgium  Belgium 61 pt
Same  18 BEL Nielsvth  S. Korea  Brazil 59 pt
Name Message
BEL Winxclub
Hahahaha iedereen da duitsland liet winne opt wk ; OEP A BAKKES
BEL Nielsvth
대한민국 파이팅!
BEL Cas92
Dag Marc
CIV Zwijntje Wilmots
BEL Cas92
BEL Jorrevis
Go Van Buyten!!!
BEL Jorrevis
Jorrevis best vis in the world!!

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