Fifa-world-cup-russia-2018FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

League : Broken Crushed Gents

Competition: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Comment: Especially Gal Ziv
Creator: ISR talbb123
Tipsters number: 10
Private: yes
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Overall Ranking
Rank Name Favourite Winner Points
Same  1 ARM arik  Spain  France 168 pt
Same  2 ISR odedinho  Spain  Spain 126 pt
Same  3 LTU ugolas  Sweden  Portugal 119 pt
Up  4 ISR talbb123  Brazil  Brazil 117 pt
Down  5 ISR Chapi  Brazil  Brazil 113 pt
Same  6 ISR Izzi85  Brazil  Brazil 98 pt
Up  6 ISR Gelman  Argentina  Argentina 98 pt
Down  8 ISR Baruhko  Brazil  Brazil 94 pt
Same  9 ISR Shlushinio  Brazil  Brazil 71 pt
Same  10 ISR fis - - 2 pt
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