Fifa-world-cup-russia-2018FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

League : BNP 2018 World Cup Predictions

Competition: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Comment: £5 to enter; 1st, 2nd and last get prizes
Creator: ENG Arris
Tipsters number: 27
Private: yes
Cash and bragging rights!!


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Overall Ranking
Rank Name Favourite Winner Points
Up  1 GBR JB.  England  France 152 pt
Same  2 ENG Huncho  Argentina  Brazil 128 pt
Down  3 GBR Sas  Brazil  Brazil 124 pt
Down  4 DEU JMildren79  Germany  Germany 123 pt
Down  5 GBR Minnie  Spain  Spain 116 pt
Up  6 GBR Tudge  Germany  Germany 114 pt
Same  7 GBR Dooms  Spain  Spain 113 pt
Same  7 ENG Arris  England  Brazil 113 pt
Same  9 ENG Padrinho  England  Belgium 112 pt
Down  10 GBR Kad&Ky  Germany  Germany 110 pt
Down  11 GBR Sal  Croatia  Argentina 109 pt
Same  12 GBR POCCY  England  Germany 106 pt
Same  13 GBR Jo Richards  England  Spain 103 pt
Same  14 ENG Harris Junior  England  Brazil 96 pt
Same  15 GBR Elc  Brazil  Brazil 93 pt
Same  16 GBR Burnsy  Spain  Spain 92 pt
Same  17 GBR Dawn  England  England 90 pt
Up  18 GBR Rain  Portugal  England 89 pt
Up  19 ENG Jimmy  Brazil  Germany 88 pt
Down  20 GBR Brian  England  Brazil 87 pt
Down  21 GBR Sorted020718  Sweden  Sweden 84 pt
Up  22 GBR Toe Punt !  England  England 82 pt
Down  23 GBR TJLJersey  England  Spain 77 pt
Up  24 GBR Jules V  France  France 76 pt
Same  25 GBR AliT  England  Germany 73 pt
Down  26 GBR H'tchy  Portugal  Portugal 69 pt
Same  27 NOR The Viking  Brazil  Brazil 58 pt
Name Message
Oh dear not a good day for me yesterday :(
Yeh but the girls still lead!!
Ian is making a late dash for it!
GBR Minnie
Come on France
GBR Dooms
Come on you Kiwi's
Blip with Poland but sorted them out tonight
GBR Minnie
You're going down Poccy
Ave it Arris
GBR Minnie
Come on Poccy
Come on Russia!

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