By creating a league you can make a friendly championship within the big prediction competition. It makes easier to compare your results with your friends.
Existing leagues
Name Comment Competition Nb Creator
Ligue1 Minionnnn WC Russia 18 1 FRA Falcao
Coincoin Allez là WC Russia 18 1 FRA Jsuj
Boyo's World Cup WC Russia 18 1 DEU JMildren79
Les winners de la RP Que le winner gagne ! WC Russia 18 1 FRA Line
Test66 yeah WC Russia 18 1 FRA Test66
GOHR-PL-W rywalizacja HR WC Russia 18 1 POL Kamil.W
PerimeterX PerimeterX world cup 2018 league WC Russia 18 1 ISR EladK

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