To play this game the first step is to register to create a nickname. You can register in a few seconds, it is very easy and FREE. To activate your nickname you will need to confirm your registration using the activation code that will be sent to you via e-mail after your nickname creation. Click here to register

Make your predictions

As soon as you have confirmed your registration you can start making your predictions.

There are 2 steps:

- Groups predictions (give the exact score for the 48 games of the groups' qualifications)
- Final predictions     (give the winners for the round of 16, the 1/4 finals, the 1/2 finals and the final)

After you make your predictions it is possible to change them as many time as you want. When the competition starts you can't change your predictions anymore. Good luck!

Get points

After each games you will get some points:

- Groups predictions
   - exact score:   6 points
   - exact winner: 3 points

- Final predictions
   - 5 points per teams in the round of 16
   - 8 points per teams in 1/4 final
   - 10 points per teams in 1/2 final
   - 12 points per teams in final
   - 14 points if you find the World Cup 2014 winner


To compare your score with your friends you can create your own league or join a league. A league allows each tipsters to compare his rank and the rank of his friends in the same list. It is a small competition within the competition!


At the end of the competion, the tipsters who get the best score among a league wins a prize preset in this league. Those prizes are not provided by, each of you among your group of friends and colleagues is responsible to preset and provide the prize.

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